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Client Reviews

I was referred to Thell after not making forward progress with another attorney on a personal injury claim for an auto accident in 2014. My injury was both serious and complicated, so trying to heal and simultaneously worrying about my lawsuit felt overwhelming. Thell's entry relieved this anxiety. Thell and his staff treated me with compassion while they assembled my medical history and a clear case. Everything was thoroughly explained, patiently, and every piece of advice I received was reasonable and helpful. During the deposition process I felt well prepared and supported.

Furthermore, details around my settlement were handled expertly with my full confidence and akin expectations to my own.

Three years later I was hit by a drunk driver. And retained Thell for this case as well. In total I was represented by him in four lawsuits and have found him to be quite fun and truly gifted in his ability to navigate unpleasant systems. He has my trust.

- Adrienne B.

I was in an auto accident and was represented by Thell Thomas.

I am very satisfied with the professional service provided by Celeste, and Thell Thomas. While having patience I received the maximum money compensation possible for the serious personal injuries that I sustained.

I highly recommend their law office for any auto, personal injuries, or accidents cases..

- Cathy H.. Santa Fe

Law Offices of Thell Thomas is my attorney for a couple of car crashes that I have been in (not my fault). My cases were very complex with multiple issues but as my personal attorney Thell Thomas was able to get me substantial compensation of Full Policy Limits.

Their time and dedication to your case Pays Off. . . . I recommend Thell Thomas to everyone I personally know who has had an accident, or someone that asks.. "do you know of a good attorney"

- J. M.H.