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Trucking Accidents

Thell Thomas is an experienced New Mexico truck accident attorney who will aggressively stand up for your rights if you have been injured in a crash with a semi-tuck.

It is crucial that you immediately seek legal advice, if you or a loved one have been involved in a trucking accident, so that the semi-truck crash can be immediately investigated. The trucking company and their insurance company will also immediately investigate, and try to figure out ways to avoid responsibility. While not all law enforcement officers have the proper training to fully investigate an 18 wheeler accident, our team along with the experts we hire, can help. Gathering evidence and conducting an accurate accident reconstruction as soon as possible is important to preserving evidence in a complicated trucking case. Your lawyer and his team will need to quickly conduct interviews and depositions.

Thell Thomas is an experienced New Mexico personal injury lawyer who holds wrongdoers responsible for their reckless conduct. Truckers can violate the laws that regulate driving a commercial truck, bad driving puts New Mexico motorists at risk of serious injury or death. When truckers Speed, or keep illegal log books to conceal their driving time, driving without the right certifications, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol they frequently cause semi-truck crashes.

Thell Thomas also holds trucking companies accountable when a company fails to safely train drivers or maintain safety standards. For example, federal and state regulations prohibit truck drivers from driving beyond a certain amount of continuous time on the road. When drivers break these rules, and their employers do not manage the drivers properly to know the truck drivers are driving too long, truck drivers can become fatigued on the roadway and cause serious crashes.

Thell Thomas sues trucking companies for violating their obligations to ensure that all of their trucks are properly maintained and inspected. If you've been injured in an 18 wheeler accident because of poor maintenance of the truck, the company may be held liable.

Albuquerque personal injury attorney Thell Thomas can help you get the money needed so you can pay medical and other bills that can accumulate during your recovery. You are owed a significant amount of money for pain and suffering, and lost enjoyment of life. If the truck driver intentionally ignores important safety rules you may be entitled to significant punitive damages to teach the trucker, and the trucking company a lesson. Your settlement could help make New Mexico roads safer. All lawyer's fees are deducted from the truck crash settlement at the end of your case, so you pay no fee unless the case is successful.

Semi-truck crashes often cause catastrophic injuries, or death. Injured people in New Mexico, or families that have lost loved ones due to negligent truck operation, deserve money to compensate them for their losses. Trucking cases are hard fought, New mexico families deserve a lawyer that will stand up for their rights against big insurance companies, and trucking companies. Because the losses are so devastating there is often a significant amount of money at stake, and big companies fight to avoid taking responsibility by paying what they owe. Thell is an experience New Mexico truck crash lawyer who will fight for you and your family to get you full compensation and the justice that you deserve.

Client Reviews
I was referred to Thell after not making forward progress with another attorney on a personal injury claim for an auto accident in 2014. My injury was both serious and complicated, so trying to heal and simultaneously worrying about my lawsuit felt overwhelming. Thell's entry relieved this anxiety. Thell and his staff treated me with compassion while they assembled my medical history and a clear case. Everything was thoroughly explained, patiently, and every piece of advice I received was reasonable and helpful. During the deposition process I felt well prepared and supported... Adrienne B.
I was in an auto accident and was represented by Thell Thomas. I am very satisfied with the professional service provided by Celeste, and Thell Thomas. While having patience I received the maximum money compensation possible for the serious personal injuries that I sustained. I highly recommend their law office for any auto, personal injuries, or accidents cases. Cathy H.
Law Offices of Thell Thomas is my attorney for a couple of car crashes that I have been in (not my fault). My cases were very complex with multiple issues but as my personal attorney Thell Thomas was able to get me substantial compensation of Full Policy Limits. Their time and dedication to your case Pays Off. . . . I recommend Thell Thomas to everyone I personally know who has had an accident, or someone that asks.. "do you know of a good attorney" J. M.H.